ETS2/ATS Mod Utility

A simple utility to fix a few issues with mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Designed for Linux, may also work on MacOS.



  1. Install dependencies (python3, tqdm, imagemagick)
    • On Ubuntu this can be done by running sudo apt install python3 python3-pip imagemagick followed by pip3 install tqdm
  2. Download the converter by clicking the 'Download' button at the bottom right corner of this page
  3. Extract the SCS file for the mod (In most cases these are zip or rar files which can be extracted with utilities like Ark)
  4. Open a terminal inside the extracted mod (Make sure you're at the same level as 'manifest.sii' and the 'def' folder)
  5. Copy the '' to the current directory (You can use cp path/where/you/downloaded/it/ . from your terminal or just copy it with your file manager of choice)
  6. To convert dds files and create jobs, run python3 --dds --jobs. Alternatively, you can omit either '--jobs' or '--dds' if you only want to do one.
  7. Either repack the mod into a zip file and put it in your mods directory, or just put the extracted mod folder into your mods directory